Hockey on cards Kickstarter Preview

This board game is dedicated to one of most popular winter game called ice hockey. But this version is not about how to knock your teeth out. Here you should think carefully about all your steps. It is unnecessary to be a Canadian tough guy to play it. You do not need to fill up the rink or buy expensive equipment because the action takes place on the table. Now you can be a hockey star without leaving your home because all you need is your imagination. You can imagine yourself as a famous hockey player from the real league and kick your opponent’s ass! Deserve respect of your enemies or end up with nothing! Courage and skill of real hockey player now are on the table! Unlike ice hockey, this prototype does not require good physical shape. But you will have to rack your brains to score a goal. This topic is not often mentioned in board game industry. So, this game is standing out among card-based tabletop games. You can also put on your favorite hockey team sweater to impress your opponents. “Hockey On Cards” is unique board game as it provides the new look on familiar things. Developers have been inspired by real hockey, therefore, they have added the real hockey rules in the game. So, it can be attractive both people who play hockey on the skating rink as people who watch it on TV.

Well, if you are ready to go into the unforgettable ice journey just let it happens! We bet you will not regret!
hockey on cards - game
This board game has already gained $8,308. (The primary goal $15,000) Feel free to support the project via Kickstarter because you can make your own contribution to the development of this amazing game! Just click on the website link!
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