«Hipster» Kickstarter Preview

Hipster Card Game

Hipster is an original and funny board game of Jacob Lindborg with no violence and cruelty. It’s the game about popularity and intrigues between friends. Your goal is to become the best hipster among your friends. What does it take? Well, not so much. 30 minutes, one friend or more, 10 location cards, 30 character cards. You will also have 4 references, 4 rule and 4 player and 40 item cards. The item is one of those things that make a hipster. Each card has a bright and sunny hipster style design.

The game consists of rounds. Each round, you can play five items from your hand to get new items. An item has a special bonus in combination with another item. Having more successful combinations, you will have a better chance to win the game. If players choose to discard some items, these items may appear in further rounds. However, they will have the decreased values because they are not already so cool in the new season.

Every hipster has his or her association. It may be, for example, ‘Vinyl Hipster’ or ‘Café Hipster’. A player can gather new hipsters suitable for his or her association by ‘making moves’ to any hipster not used yet. The game ends when there are no more hipster characters in the deck. The player who has the majority of like-minded hipsters at the end of the game wins.

Here you can find a page of the Hipster Kickstarter campaign. Your participation is very much appreciated.

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