«Heroes of Normandie» Kickstarter Preview

Heroes of Normandie

In the silent summer morning of 1944, the machine-gun fire from the embrasure suddenly breaks the silence. All the soldiers ahead of you go down like ninepins. There is little chance to survive. Someone will show his back like a coward. Will you show your back like a coward? Will you fight like a true patriot against heavy odds to become a hero of Normandie…

Heroes of Normandie board game is already famous as well as the computer game of the same name. After two years, we would like to represent a new compendium. Let us put the rules of this interesting board game in a nutshell.

Players recruit their armies before the game according to the rules. Each unit has its type, defense, speed, attack bonuses, and special abilities. In addition to the units, players have action cards that create some gameplay exclusions. Each round, players use order tags with different priorities. You may do relocation, melee, and shooting. Unless a red-framed wall shields enemy unit, you can shoot at it from any distance. Then units fulfil the commands in the respective order. Some orders are not obeyed. They are just traps to deceive another player. Hand grenade damages everyone inside the building and good to clean up. In the end of the round, players can relocate the rest of the units that have not engaged the enemy yet.

Seven sorts of terrain tiles make up the battlefield. Each one has its own conditions. Open territories add no bonus to the protection. Forest and hedges are at your service. So it will be better not to show up near the enemy tanks.

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