Heroes and Tricks Kickstarter Preview

As you may know, board games are becoming more and more compact and user-friendly. Today, we’re going to look at one of these on-the-go games called Heroes and Tricks.

Probably, the title itself can give you a hint about the game mechanics. Yes, you’re absolutely right! It’s about trick taking. You can choose from four playable suits – Card, Meeple, Die and Token.  Let’s see what’s waiting for us inside the box:

  • 64 Play Cards;
  • 16 Hero Cards;
  • 28 Gear Cards.

Moreover, you will get a unique custom box to keep your cards in there!
heroes and tricks - board game

As for the Rules, it’s quite easy to sort them out because the game has a pretty detailed rulebook. It says that the objective of Heroes and Tricks is to get the favor of the most Heroes. Players can achieve this by winning a series of Tricks during the game. A “Trick” is one round where each player places a card or cards in front of the Hero Card in the Deck Box. Then the entire Trick is revealed to show who the winner is! But the thing is that players only see the last played card, so they will have to use their deduction and memory. For more information consult the PDF-rulebook.

Kickstarter campaign has brought this game to light with 9,821$ out of the pledge goal of 8,000$. Heroes and Tricks is available for shipping around the world and also you can use a wonderful option to try out the Print-n-Play. This game is worth your attention because it has a great design, custom box and well-printed cards. It’s your turn to support it via Kickstarter!
Heroes and Tricks -- Kicktraq Mini