Hero Realms Kickstarter Preview

hero realms

Hero Realms is fantasy-themed saga set in the fictional world which teeming with frightful creatures where the fear and avarice is ruling the people. There are only the most powerful people able to survive in such conditions. The game is co-op, therefore, you can play it with your friends. The game also provides a lot of characters. You can be one of the several heroes such as Fighter, Cleric, Thief, Ranger, Wizard or mighty Dragon. You must complete adventures to gain experience points which you can spend acquiring new cards, equipment or skills. It is worth mentioning that game based on Star Realms game engine thus it clear and easy to learn. You need to buy the action cards and champion cards by using the gold as that items increase gold reserves, battles or skills. You can use battle to beat your enemy. To win you have to reduce the health of your enemies to zero. The Hero Realms provides many opportunities and enthrall from the very beginning and will not leave you untouched for sure!

Plaything has already exceeded the fund-raising plan has gained $205,871 of a planned $100,000. So, feel free to support the project via Kickstarter, just click on the website link!
Hero Realms, a Deckbuilding Adventure Card Game -- Kicktraq Mini

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  1. Well, there’s another cooperative game to look forward to!

    1. Ronny, what a co-operative of card games do you like most?

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