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Gloomhaven is a distant city on the western edge of the human civilization. The legions of darkness surround the city from each side. The survival of its entire population depends on you, an artful and ambitious mercenary. You are a lonely warrior who needs neither support nor company.

In this board game, you can choose your character between the Scoundrel, the Brute, the Tinkerer and the Spellweaver. Character cards, figures, and unique battle skill cards represent all the characters. You can start the fight on the chosen location according to your strategic ideas. You play the battle on the special battle board. Each battle turn, you play two cards against the hoards of fully automated enemies. You should think strategically and cleverly combine your skills. Otherwise, you will have fewer and fewer good turns and options, as the scenario goes on. If you and your friends have no more turns, the scenario is lost. As the game progresses, the game world will change. Thus, you will open new scenarios, locations, dangers, and possibilities. Even some new classes of heroes will be available.gloomhaven - board game

Gloomhaven board game includes 30 maps, 40 enemy classes, 14 types of heroes and 300 attack modifiers! And it’s not all. The game is a totally new experience that you have possibly never known before. Do you want to have this experience? Then make your donation on the Kickstarter campaign web page.

Gloomhaven -- Kicktraq Mini

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