Gimme 5 Pre-Kickstarter Preview

gimme 5

Gimme 5 is a card-based enthralling and fun party game which was created especially for a big companies. Developers claim that it has no analogues. The essence of the game is to collect a set of 5 cards with the same numbers. But it is not that easy! There is a wild card that can turn upside down the balance of power and it gives a player the tangible advantage. Everything is unpredictable in the gameplay. You can lose everything easily and you will have to start all over again. The game is full of surprises. It sparks your interest as you dive into. To recognize more about a game you should just start to play it. Overall, this is fun party game about how to keep away from getting bored. Most of the players will like it for sure!

How to play Gimme 5

So, if you got no ideas about how to spend your weekend this board game is a solution! Life is so beautiful and there are no reasons to be bored! Have some fun via amazing game which is called Gimme5!

You can download Print-n-Play version of game here