«Geoengineering 101» Kickstarter Preview

Geoengineering 101 - Game Board

Don’t you think there are too many games about the post-apocalyptic future of Earth? Taking chances on life in these games, we are gradually getting used to the idea that the world that we live in should end. Not yet! The future is still in our hands. We are still sane and wise enough to prevent the suicide of the humanity. All that we need is to stop thinking that we can fully control nature and to stop the climate changes.

Geoengineering 101 is a game where you can stop the coming apocalypse. It’s a 30 minute game for 2-4 players about the climate changes. During the game, players make turns to carry out geoengineering programs and acts of deep green resistance. Your action will be only fulfilled in the next turn. As in the real life, their implementation takes time. Also, the real climate science and geoengineering ideas are used in the game. Thus, you should think of the possible side effects before taking any action in this board game.

In the Geoengineering 101 Kickstarter campaign, the game creators ask just $300 for this wonderful game. This goal is reached, but you still can help the game and be rewarded.

Geoengineering 101 -- Kicktraq Mini