Game of Energy Kickstarter Preview

Game of Energy

The energy resources expire. Until it is too late, this world needs bright new ideas and ingenious minds like yours. Managing the resources correctly, you can save the world and avert the crisis. You are not the only one who promises this. Your fellow players represent your rivals for signing a great contract with UN. It will not only bring money and fame but also give you enough power to stop the energy crisis forever.

The game of energy is the game where players try to solve the energy crisis. They compete for the fulfillment of their energy supply contracts on the same territory. In the same time, every player also plays against the clock. When the time runs out, the Earth will plunge into the darkness.

What you need to do is gathering energy from safe and renewable energy sources. After each round, the players will earn money for terawatt-hours that they have produced. Solar energy, wind energy, biofuel, fossil fuel, hydroelectric, and nuclear energy are six ways to gain your victory in this game.

Visit the Kickstarter campaign page and support the authors of the game and their idea of the board game that points on one of the worst problems of the modern ecology.

Project was cancelled