FOUR Kickstarter Preview


How many socially-oriented card games do you know? Mafia, Werewolf, Secret Hitler… ? Yes, they perfectly suit for intrigues and sudden situations and all that stuff but today we have something revolutionary new for you! This is “FOUR” by Joshua Christensen!

That game provides a social and team-playing experience and what is more interesting is that you will have to use sneaky signals during the gameplay.

It all starts when players take cards from the table until one of them gets a Four-Of-A-Kind card (it could be with 4 Pandas, 4 Sharks, 4 Robots, and so on.). When this card is in your hands, you need to signal to your partner in secret to tell him to obtain the Victory Token. But it’s not that easy! You will have to evade the opponent’s attention because he can take the Victory Token for himself!

To make the Four-Of-A-Kind card obtaining easier, you will need to use the SUPER POWERS from the card deck, which will make your chances to win much bigger and also you can destroy your opponent’s plans!

“FOUR” is for sure for strategy-thinking people and for those who likes super-ultra-fun! That card game is available to be shipped all around the world which is a great opportunity to have fun worldwide! You can order a great-designed FOUR card game via kickstarter campaign and experience a huge fun! By the way, it has already gained $4,053 out of $1,000 which is a great result!

FOUR Kickstarter Preview