Food Fighters Kickstarter Preview

FoodFighters Board Game

Guys, imagine your kitchen is a battlefield… All the food became furious and it is ready for battle! So crazy! We present you “Food fighters”, a board game which is simple for family gaming experience!

It can be played by two players and its playing time is from 20 to 30 minutes. Both adults and kids can play it together! Also, this game has bright and outstanding illustrations!

It was designed by Cappel family:

Josh – is a game developer. He is known for such projects as «Wasabi», «Bomb Squad Academy».

Helaina – she’s a creator of «Kids Table Board Gaming».

One of the main features of this game is it is actually very simple. This food battle gives you the great simplicity and you won’t have to refer to the rules! Developers took all their responsibility to make this game playable and adorable.

Here you can see the main components:

  • Spoons – distant attacks;
  • Crackers – fighter’s protection;
  • Beans – they are money in this game;
  • Pans – allow any enemy to be attacked.

If you really want to play FoodFighters then it’s time for you to support the kickstarter campaign! Just follow this link here!

You can buy Food Fighters on Amazon