First: a trivia adventure board game

As you may know, an educational process can be sometimes boring and uninteresting. But there is a solution! Education can be fun and entertaining when the knowledge gained through the game. There are a lot of card and board games for money management, learning history or alphabet and many, many others. Now, we have something really different from kickstarter for you. That game is called “First”!

First of all, players pick their character from seven of them. They are the legends of science, aircrafting, world exploration such as Marie Curie, Captain James Cook, Amelia Earhart and so on. Each character has a special ability which can be useful depending on the situation.


As for the gameplay, it takes place on the board where players move their tokens. Their goal is to reach “home” with all of the four knowledge tokens. You can earn these tokens by answering questions of different topics correctly. So it seems you’ll have to be prepared or not which is more interesting and exciting!

Unfortunately, that game has been cancelled via kickstarter campaign because of low pledges. You can still look some videos of that project, though. We wish Melissa good luck with her further projects and we will support her!
First: a trivia adventure board game -- Kicktraq Mini