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final act

Can you imagine a board game which is developed by a real tank commander? Moreover, this game is going to make a revolution for sure! Today we present you a very special board game called “Final Act” by Lior Keinan & Sharon Katz.

“Final Act” was born in order to create a fast-paced, easy and fun board game about tank maneuvers. What is even more attractive to players is that they won’t need much time to understand the rules! Also, it’s important that “Final Act” is about planning and just a little bit of luck.

The most interesting thing about the game is that you don’t need any dice or charts because it has an innovative game mechanics which uses a cardboard control panel. You can use mine fields, water obstacles and etc. to make your opponent choke in dust and fire!

final act - board game

As for the gameplay, it can be described in three phases – 1) Movement orders, 2) Firing, 3) Resolution. First, all commanders use their control panels to move their tanks into positions. Then, you need to place shots. Remember, you can shot only inside of Fire Cone. Resolution phase is about tank damage assessment and maneuver planning for the next round. For more information about the rules please check the PDF manual.

The game’s goal is to get to enemy’s last defense line with at least one tank of your company. First player who reaches that goal is the winner but if two rival tanks get this goal at the same time the player who lands the next tank in place is the winner.

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So, what do we have? An innovative, easy to play and fast-paced board game! By the way, if the kickstarter campaign gathers $50,000 the designers will develop the mobile app to replace cardboard control panel. It’s a great idea for comfortable gameplay! So, it’s your turn to support this game on kickstarter, but hurry up because they only have 12 days left and 13,424$ out of their goal which is $20,000.

Final Act -- Kicktraq Mini

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