Ferox Kickstarter Preview


If you ever step into the shadows of a virgin wildwood, you will only have time to understand one thing. Fictional horror film creatures like aliens, vampires, and zombies are nothing if compared with a fear of facing a human being without moral and social conventions. The primal fear will be your last feeling before you meet your awful end somewhere in the middle of the jungle. The fittest one survives, the weak one dies.

The subject of the board game reminds an old horror film. For instance, it resembles the Blair Witch Project. However, this adventure will be more frightful. A film crew represented by a small group of addle-brained people has crash-landed in a rain forest. Every one of them has a skeleton in the closet. Most of them are addicts, offenders, sadists, and scum to put it bluntly. Savages living in the heart of impenetrable brushwood are already sharpening their knives. They are putting paint on the faces and preparing their bloodcurdling weaponry to crack down on the outsiders with unthinkable cruelty. The blood will spill in fountains.

It is an asymmetric game for two players. The film crew kills to survive. The natives kill to retaliate. Everybody kills. In the box, you can find 48 native warriors tokens, 11 rage tokens, 18 encounter cards, 4 cards representing the tribes, 5 cards representing the crew, and 11 dice. Killing and eating your friends has never been so exciting. Back the Kickstarter campaign of Ferox.

Project was cancelled

FEROX - A Retro Horror Game of Invaders and Cannibals -- Kicktraq Mini