Fayre of the Forgotten Kickstarter Preview

Fayre of the Forgotten

Welcome to the craziest funfair ever – Fayre of the Forgotten! Here you will lose your soul and you must take it back… Do you have enough skills to do that? We’ll see.

The goal of the game is to collect 20 shards of soul and the first player who manages to do this wins. All you have to do is use the Fayre’s attractions.

Each of the seven owners of the Fayre glanced in the mirror and every one of them lost their souls. And now it’s time to bring them back!

So, 20 shards form a soul. It does not mean that it’s gonna be your own soul, by the way. Visiting or even taking over different attractions helps to gather soul shards. Also, a lot of action cards provide you with these shards. And you have more aggressive ways of acquiring an intact soul at your disposal as well. For example, if two persons look in the mirror at the same time, they exchange all the soul shards they have collected so far.

Most of the attractions (the Tunnel of Horrors, the Wheel of Fortune, the High Striker, the Cabinet of Curiosities and the Cotton Candy Stand) give or take away soul shards.

It’s time to purchase this board game on Kickstarter or you will lose your soul!

Fayre of the Forgotten -- Kicktraq Mini