Fantasy Fantasy Baseball Kickstarter Preview

Fantasy Fantasy Baseball

Can you imagine elves, orcs, zombies and forest creatures taking baseball bats and entering a baseball field? Instead of clobbering each other, they are going to show what the real fantasy baseball is. The good and the evil, the hitters and the pitchers will face each other in a friendly baseball game. You are a wizard manager of a baseball team. There will be no fair play for your opponents are wizards too. They will cast spells on your best players trying to change the course of the game. You would better use your sorcery skills against their teams until the game is lost…

Each round represents a month of baseball manager’s life. You will use this time to build your roster, play the ball, cast your spells and so on. Each round, you will draw a card from the event deck. It will have and immediate effect and can change the game dramatically.

In addition to the interesting idea, the game is full of the good sense of humor. Both fantasy board game fans and baseball fans will appreciate it. However, you don’t have to be a sports fan to master this game have a lot of fun of it. Join the Kickstarter campaign and enjoy the game.

Fantasy Fantasy Baseball -- Kicktraq Mini