Family Plot Kickstarter Preview

family plot

What about the family values in board games, guys? I think it’s quite unusual setting. So, why not to present a completely innovative game about family? Guys from the White Cherry Games give us such an opportunity with “Family Plot” card game!

So, what’s the point about that game? You will need to build your own family using cards and keep it from destroying by your opponents. Your opponents, by the way, can use a lot of options like Zombie Apocalypse of Psycho Killer to put your loved ones to the graves. Don’t waste your time and fight back these slugs!

As for the building up your family tree, there will be typical family members like Mother, Father, Grandma and so on. Choose them thoroughly, because some of them will go six feet under without a second thought. Yep, quite cynical, but you will have to sacrifice some of them to keep on playing.
family plot - cards
It is worth mentioning, that there are Modifier Cards that can change your family members radically! You can apply them on any family player you want and do whatever you want. Change Mommy into Daddy? No problem – Sex Change Modifier will come in handy! Or you need two babies instead of one? Twins Modifier is your choice!

Okay, but how you can protect yourself or even make your opponent’s life impossible? Action cards will be useful in this situation because they can change the game course immediately.

That game makes you a creative person with all these crazy modifier and action cards because they provide an enormous quantity of options. We strongly recommend this game for party game lovers and for big friend companies. “Family Plot” is already has $13,699 out of $20,000 and you still have a chance to support this project via kickstarter. We believe, that this game will bring so much fun!
FAMILY PLOT -- Kicktraq Mini