«The Exiled: Siege» Kickstarter Preview

the exiled siege

What fight may be more desperate than a medieval town siege? Whoever wins the battle, many people have to die on the town walls and underneath them.

The Exiled: Siege is a board game representing a siege with former outlaws on one side and barbarians with their monsters on the other side.

There are two game modes. At first, all the players may defend their towns against endless waves of NPC attacks.

At second, one of them may become a barbarian commander and take over the buildings of foreign invaders one by one.

The king has given the outlaws the last chance for his mercy. To atone for their crimes, they must raise fortresses on the very edge of the reign to hold the barbarian onslaught.

The walls will rise on and on, and commanders train the armies in a rush because the enemy is already aware of the hostile presence.

Hordes of furious natives believe that these territories belong to them. They will use any means to drive strangers out of these territories.

The means will include brutal war machines and terrifying monsters.

The barbarian forces with their monsters and brutal machinery are on the rise, the ferocious struggle is beginning right now…

Strike back! 119 perfect wooden miniatures of 4 colors, 15 building tiles, 15 fortification tiles as well as many cards and tokens. The game lasts about 90-120 minutes and brings an exciting experience. Join the Kickstarter campaign!

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