Evolution: Climate Kickstarter Preview

evolution climate

The history of Earth is a history of the never-ending struggle between every individual and her majesty Nature. The Evolution: Climate board game invites you to take part in this struggle and survive in a continuously changing environment with lurking predators, suddenly waking volcanoes, and extending deserts. As an animal, you can only defend yourself with the means that evolution gives you. 177 trait cards will be your only weapons to defend against the extinction. 240 food tokens will help you to stay alive the hard times. 20 species boards will a colorful and inimitable artwork represents different creatures with their individual ways to survive in the harsh natural conditions.

All the species have two major parameters that you can develop. Bigger body size and bigger population allow you to have new traits that will help them in surviving. However, both of them require more food. Any time in your turn, you can either take a new ability from the deck or evolve into a new species. There is no limit to the species number but you will only gain score in the end for those who survives.

However, before all this starts, you may help the game itself to survive in the harsh conditions of the gaming market. Join the Kickstarter campaign.

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