«Escape From the Sunset Island» Kickstarter Preview

Escape From the Sunset Island

The Sunset Island was one of very few safe places after the zombie apocalypse. It is not safe anymore. After zombies appeared here, ten human survivors have to plan their escape from here. There are only two ways to escape. There are the airport and the marina. And the path to the survival will be narrow and thorny.

The rules of the board game are so easy that they can fit on one sheet of paper. It is a game 2 to 10 players, where only you determine the edge between competitive and cooperative game style. You can run together with your friends or be the only survivor. You can be a hero or a traitor. You can take a lot of food, water and gas with you or run away light. However, you need food, water and gas for all the runaways. You can share it. You can also find another useful items like transport, weapons, and medicines anywhere across the island. One of the players controls zombies, attacks human survivors and adds up their hordes. The dice determine the travel of all the players. You can run past the zombies if you are lucky enough.

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Escape from Sunset Island: Revival Edition -- Kicktraq Mini