Endure the Stars Kickstarter Preview

Endure the Stars

The action of Endure the Stars takes place on a board of a colonization spaceship. A group of genetic engineers onboard has secretly attempted to create forms of life that can survive harsh environments of the planet under investigation. The rest of the crewmembers did not know about these dangerous experiments for a while. Unfortunately, the scientific experiment went wrong and the newly created life forms left the laboratory cells and started killing everybody they happen to come across. The human survivors have to team up and face the awful creations of human mind. With every action that you take and every noise that you make, more monsters will come to attack your team from the darker corners of the spaceship. In the end of the day, survivors will have to face the most fearsome of the monsters called Titan. It will take all the skills and strategy of your team to bring this creature down.

Nevertheless, numerous bloodthirsty monsters are not the only problem of the survivors. Without the due maintenance, the ship is being decayed. This produces various unpleasant surprises each turn. Can you survive the attack of monsters on the crashing spaceship? Donate to the Kickstarter campaign of the game and learn it!

Endure the Stars -- Kicktraq Mini