«Ember: Shroud of the Shadow Demon» Kickstarter Preview

Ember: Shroud of the Shadow Demon Board Game

«Ember: Shroud of the Shadow Demon» board game was designed by the Paw-Warrior games. It is a very special game… Why? It focuses on player interaction. That means that you will constantly figure out the best ways to manipulate your opponents to quit their plans.

The unique feature of the game is the addition of gameplay options.

There are four unique decks in the game. Each one has 52 cards. Each player plays using one deck. Each deck represents one hero and each player chooses its hero. It’s that simple!

Some cards are used for defense and they help you to protect your side of the field. Other cards are used for aggression and they are focused on attacking your opponents. Some cards can change the playing field fully and they can force players to adapt their tactics.

The game’s objective is to collect more ember stones than your opponents. At the end of the game, the player that has collected the most ember stones is the winner.

As we can see, this game is full of intrigues and it’s up to you what tactics will you choose. Now it’s your time to support this game in kickstarter’s campaign in here!

Ember: Shroud of the Shadow Demon -- Kicktraq Mini