Ember: From The Ashes Kickstarter Preview

ember - from the ashes

Good day, everyone! You probably know about the Ember Card Game which has a fast gameplay and magical setting. This game is one of the easiest games to learn because it takes about three minutes to make things clear even for your children! It will be interesting for players who like strategy and tactics but there is also some luck factor. But still, you will need to use your memory to notice which cards were played and which are used in the gameplay. Now, there is a cool expansion for this game called “From the Ashes”. Let’s sort out what’s inside of it!

First of all, it is worth mentioning that this expansion has a lot of new cards, new creatures, tutors and etc. To be more detailed, this expansion provides 27 new creatures, 6 Elemental God Cards, 7 Tutor Cards and 3 Spectral creature cards. As for the Tutors, they can improve your magical power and give you an advantage during the gameplay. To speak of the Artifacts, they have abilities which can help you to boost your power. And finally, Elemental God cards can help you to crush your enemies if you collect all three of them in a set. Moreover, all of the cards are made of new materials and they look great!
from the ashes
As you can see from the kickstarter campaign, the design is renewed and it looks quite epic with all these new wizards and creatures. This project is already funded and it has £4,280 out of £3,000 but you still able to purchase such a wonderful expansion and enlarge your gaming experience in “Ember” universe!
From the Ashes - Expansion for Ember: the Magical Card Game -- Kicktraq Mini