Earth 667C Kickstarter Preview

Earth 667C

Earth 667C is the last hope of the humanity on the brink of a catastrophe. It’s the name of an exoplanet where you should take the humanity from the dying Solar System before the sun goes supernova and destroys the Earth. But the ship building is just the beginning. A lot of new challenges wait for you after you leave the Earth. Black holes, quasars, asteroid fields and even hostile spaceships may ruin the last hope of the mankind. Only your ability to think strategically can save your spaceship from all the threats.

The game includes three phases. In the first one, you build a spaceship. You should find the best possible compromise between armaments, engineering and life support systems. Support systems save more human lives while armaments and engineering increase your chances to save them. The second phase starts as soon as the solar cycle clock value is eight. Roll the dice and hope that your good luck helps your spaceship to get ahead of the supernova. The third phase is the journey in space. It will be a real ordeal for your shipbuilding skills. Roll the dice again to see what surprises wait for you in the open space. Would it be enemy attacks or hydrogen clouds boosting your engines? Maybe you will find a wormhole to shorten your way to the long desired safety.

The Kickstarter campaign is on. Join it and be rewarded!

Earth 667C Spaceship Building Board Game -- Kicktraq Mini