Dungeon Degenerates Kickstarter Preview

dungeon degenerates

It’s not easy to live in the dark and cruel world, where the rules are not working and there are backstabbers at every corner… Are you ready to face the reality? Well, we have something in our mind, which can help you out! This is the “Dungeon Degenerates” which offers you an incredible mix of old-school brutal gameplay with an easy-to-learn rules system and metal punk theme. Now, let’s try to cover all the angles of the project!

Your adventure begins from the choice of your Degenerate. There are four of them and they are all became criminals for some reason, but they just wanted to survive through the dark times. Our heroes (or, it’s better to say anti-heroes) are trying to bring peace into the Eastern lands, where there are chaos everywhere – corruption, evil wizards, demons and even the Necromancer!

dungeon degenerates - board
Of course, you’re not alone in this madness, though your enemies are everywhere and you will need all of your courage to wipe them all out! You’re going to need your friends to cover your back in this adventure. “Dungeon Degenerates” gives such an opportunity to fight the darkness altogether!

dungeon degenerates - board game

Why we chose that game to present you? Well, it has all the features of the greatest RPG – cooperative gameplay, old-school setting and brutal monsters and so on. “Dungeon Degenerates” will make your day for sure! It is even already pledged the campaign via kickstarter! $43,226 out of $35,000! Such a brilliant treasure! Support the game and participate in the community! See you all next time!
DUNGEON DEGENERATES - HAND OF DOOM Fantasy Board Game -- Kicktraq Mini