«Dropfleet Commander» Kickstarter Preview

Dropfleet Commander

Do you want to be a Dropfleet Commander in a wonderful space wargame of the same name? The game includes two fleets for two players. United Mankind fights in the open space against an alien race called Scourge. The Scourge will stop at nothing to enslave the entire humanity. They are insidious parasitic oppressors and they want to control each planet in the universe. Meanwhile, the best and bravest human navy fighters will do everything to retake the alien-oppressed worlds.

If you open the box, you will understand that the spaceship models have never been so realistic in any other board game! Moreover, the alien forces have never looked so grandiose and unfamiliar. In addition to 14 fully detailed spaceship models with the mechanic disks, you will have a few realistic map sets folding down to A4 format, tokens, and dice. With every time you play this highly realistic and wonderful board game, you will like it more and more. However, you should help the game designers before. Any donator gets a reward. Join the Kickstarter campaign and become the Dropfleet commander.

Dropfleet Commander -- Kicktraq Mini

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