Dreamwars Kickstarter Preview


Dreamwars is a fresh plaything. There is a thrilling adventure in the habitation of horror and darkness. It is an exciting story with a variety of extraordinary characters which will help players to feel the unique and frightening atmosphere of the steampunk kingdom. There is а bunch of spooky beings under a control of powerful Moloch and they need more and more victims and these beasts are not going to stop at all. They are hiding in most unexpected places and ready to attack at any moment. During the campaign, players will plunge in the whirlpool of exciting and unpredictable events. So, hang tight!

Do you have the guts to win this fight and break down the chains of darkness? There is only one way to know!

Developers gave many opportunities to manipulate the storylines.

  • А game has the multiplayer mode (up to eight players).
  • More than 70 game scenarios.
  • More than 500 hours of a game.
  • Brand new game process (simple and clear).
  • 9 rather different challenges whose endings affect to while it’s during.
  • Special Adventure decks and Event decks.
  • 8 high-quality resin miniatures of Heroes.

А game has already gained 51,143 euros via Kickstarter which is even more than required. (40,000 euro)
Dreamwars - Steampunk Horror Board Game -- Kicktraq Mini