Draconis Invasion Kickstarter Preview

Draconis Invasion

Draconis Invasion by J.J. Lay is a medieval dark fantasy world flavored with the beautiful art of Manthos Lappas and Pablo Fernandez. Players race against one another facing the evil invaders. The game ends when any player defeats his seventh enemy to gain the glory of the best champion of the kingdom.

There are a few very special features that make this board game different from other fantasy board games. At first, you will be involved into the fight against the invaders from the very first turn. The forces of invaders will include necromantic warlocks, undead creatures and even dragons. Meanwhile, the Doomsday Timer will keep you on your toes until the end of the game. At second, with more enemies you defeat, other ones will come and more terror points will make your soldiers run away in fear losing all their abilities. This makes a handicapping mechanism making the leader prove his supremacy. Otherwise, weaker players who won can overtake the leaders on the last meters next to the point of no return. In our humble opinion, it makes the game more interesting both for leaders and for outsiders. Another obvious advantage of the game is that one can’t be certain who will win. It is so not only due to the handicap mechanics described above. In addition, players receive secret quests when the game begins and thus they gain victory points in the very end of the game. The Draconis Invasion Kicksarter campaign waits for your participation. Let this beautiful dark fantasy game live!

Draconis Invasion: The Dark Fantasy Deck-Building Game -- Kicktraq Minia

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