«Don’t Die!» Kickstarter Preview

Don't Die

Don’t Die! Of course, the life is full of hazards… Failed scientific experiments, medical malpractice, zombie attacks, and natural disasters can cause sudden death… Well, nobody is going to live forever, but at least you should die fewer times than anyone else sitting around the table.

The rules are rather straightforward. Draw hazard cards from the deck and use skip or reversal cards to pass the hazard to another player. If you can’t do so, roll the die to beat the hazard rating. Why roll the die? Oh no, not the die! Just don’t die! You can improve your chances using +1 and +2. But your opponents can use -1 and -2 against you. If you can’t beat the hazard, you are dead. And beware of special death cards. They can be a serious weapon against other players. But they are deadly if you draw them face-up. These rules are so simple that any yeti can play the game. But be careful playing with yeti. Yetis are easily offended and vindictive. They may kill you if you win against one of them.

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  1. Thanks so much for the awesome article. We actually JUST relaunched the campaign to bring backers better prices and to lower our minimum goal. We’re already at 65%, check it out! Feel free to change the links in your article to the new ones. Thanks!


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