Deception: Murder in Hong Kong Kickstarter Preview

Deception: Murder in Hong Kong

Grey Fox Games, an author of Draco Magi, announced a new game called Deception: Murder in Hong Kong.

Deception: Murder in Hong Kong is a board game for up to 12 players. Most of them are investigators looking for a mysterious and vicious murderer. The action takes place in the large city of Hong Kong. Each of them may be an Investigator, a Witness, a Forensic Scientist, a Murderer or his Accomplice. But it’s not just a new version of good, old and pretty boring Mafia. It’s a breathtaking game where the insidious and resourceful murderer hides closer than you think. He is in the investigation team itself. He chooses the weapon to kill and the false evidence to confuse the investigation. The forensic scientist can express the clues while the murderer does his best to misdirect the rest of investigators.

The game is about 20 minutes long. You can find 12 role cards, 6 wooden bullets, 32 scene tiles, 90 means cards and 200 clue cards in the box. Card names are written both in English and Chinese. You will be surprised to know that you can read some Chinese after playing this game. But it’s not the point.

Learn to see beyond the lies and deception and win the battle of minds. Or understand how it feels when you get away with murder with the investigators all around.

Do you want to see Deception: Murder in Hong Kong on your bookshelf? Everything depends on you. Please see this Kickstarter page and make your donation until July 21. The creators of the game need your help.

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