December Kickstarters 2015

December Kickstarters 2015

BoardGameKing subscribers and board game fans! We proudly present you the kickstarters of December (with a bit of delay, but still…)! We hope all of you had a nice time on New Year’s and Christmas holidays and it’s time to get back to working rhythm. Let’s see what we’ve got!

Secret Hitler

Secret Hitler

Current status: 2716% pledged

Secret Hitler reveals the political situation in Germany before Hitler became the head. You can determine portraits of Hitler and fascists – they have faces of disgusting creatures of reptiles. The game doesn’t praise the fascism and hatred. It satirizes and makes fun of it.

Players elect President and Chancellor at beginning of each round. Then, they will randomly issue new laws from the card deck. If their laws propagate fascism, other players have to decide if this is an evil conspiracy or a bad luck. The Liberals will win if they pass five liberal policies and the Fascists will win if they pass six fascist policies or elect Secret Hitler a Chancellor.

This quite original game gathered 1,479,047 $ out of 54,450 $! Such a brilliant sum!



Current status: 807% pledged

This game has a dozen of wonderful board games in one! You can play an unlimited quantity of games. The only thing that limits you is your inspiration and imagination!

All you need is a set of pieces: the Single, Double and Triple. You can choose any color you like! The pieces are designed to interrelate together in many ways.

You won’t have to learn complicated rules and read boring manuals… Authors do not insist on any rules at all! Instead, they want you to create the game together with them! They developed this game in simple and modifiable way for you to have as much fun as it is possible for you!

This game gained 686,271 kr out of 85,000 kr and it’s successfully pledged! Well done!

Heroes of Normandie

Heroes of Normandie

Currents status: 530% pledged

Heroes of Normandie is already well-known as the computer game with the same name. Players recruit their armies before the game itself. Each unit has its type, defense, speed, attack features and special abilities. Also, players have action cards that make some gameplay additions. Players use order tags with different privileges. You may do relocation, melee and shooting action. Unless a red-framed wall shields enemy unit, you can shoot at it from any distance and then units follow the commands in the proper order. Some orders are not to be obeyed. They can be used as traps to distract another player. In the end of the round, players can move the rest of the units.

This game is successfully gathered 212,098 € out of 40,000 € and it’s pledged! Order it now!

Fantasy Fantasy Baseball

Fantasy Fantasy Baseball

Currents status: 280% pledged

Just imagine… Elves, orcs, zombies and forest creatures take baseball bats and enter the baseball field! Instead of fighting each other they are going to show what the real fantasy baseball means! The good and the evil, the hitters and the pitchers will compete with each other in a friendly baseball battle!

Each round shows us a month of baseball manager’s life. You will use this time to build your tactics, play the ball, cast your spells and etc. Each round, you will take a card from the event deck. It will have an immediate effect and it can change the game upside down!

Both fantasy fans and baseball fans will like it! However, you don’t have to be a sports fan to play this game and have a lot of fun of it!

Congratulations! This game has 20,985 $ out of their start goal which is 7,500 $!



Current status: 740% pledged

That game offers a new approach for the most complicated English words to learn them in an easy way. You can divide any word into a few parts. Each part has a constant meaning anywhere you use it. Instead of learning a lot of words that you can face while reading books, speaking or watching films, you can just have a proper understanding of the word parts!

Moreover, there are many game variants in the same little box! For example, in game’s option, players build words from parts simultaneously. The player with the longest word wins the round. These games will be good and useful for children and their parents, for students and teachers.

It’s time to develop your brain, because this game has 14,794$ out of 2,000$! It’s available for order now!

Tales of Arcania

Tales of Arcana

Current status: 132% pledged

Welcome to the fantasy world of a grand Empire of the planet of Genesis where 14 races will fight each other! These races are Merfolk, Elves, Devilkins, Dwarves, Gorgons and Puppets. All of them have their own features and bonuses.

In this planet, where the wild magic is subject of selling and buying, your character will have to use multiple spells and win your enemies with the rude force of arrows, blades and hammers!

The game randomly creates your character by 6 cards. In this game every crazy combination is possible! For example, you can become a Vampire who plays a lute and suffers from narcolepsy or a Sasquatch druid who faces the midlife crisis!

This game is successfully pledged with good result – 19,805$ out of 15,000$!

December was a good month for Kickstarter because a lot of projects were successfully pledged with a big money! It means that you will have an opportunity to try a lot of new games! Which one is waiting for you on the table to play? Make a choice and stay with us!