Day Night Z Kickstarter Preview

day night z

Hello, zombie hunters! We guess you missed the zombie setting games a lot. So, it’s time to present you a brand new zombie board game called “Day Night Z” by Creating Games!

This game takes us into the post-apocalyptic world full of zombies. It’s a dark place where one mistake can cost you a life. Why the “Day Night Z” is so special? This game highlights the necessity of survival and psychology, but morality is just a secondary option. Survival the fittest, this thing you must learn once and for all.

“Day Night Z” offers you outstanding and complex experience through the gameplay. Survivors can be individuals or formed in groups up to four members. Moreover, their decisions can influence the progress which can be resulted in one of three possible and unpredictable endings. Also, you can choose “Survival Mode.” Survivors are travelling from one city to clean them from zombies.

day night z - board game

As for the gameplay, you will be able to supply your survivors with all of the useful stuff and upgrade your shelter to make sure the zombies won’t get there. Apocalypse is not very pleasant situation, so you’ll have to adapt to it somehow. Are you capable enough? We’ll see, there are only two options – kill or be killed!

There are a lot of unique traits that makes this game so special like day-night cycle. Survivors are more powerful during the daylight, though zombies are completely brutal when the night covers the city. Who’s gonna make it? Make a stand and prepare yourself for battle!

“Day Night Z” is a super successful board game on kickstarter! It has gained over €200,000 though the goal was €40,000. If you like multivariable endings and make dramatic decisions in the board games, that game is for sure worth playing!

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  1. We’re seeing a huge influx of zombie games, and there has started to be a backlash against this genre. There’s been a saturation some would argue, but that mode of thinking means there are some great games that could be overlooked. The saturation creates a belief that someone is just capitalizing on the flavor of the week, or for zombies, flavor of the years. That’s not the case I see with Day Night Z and I hope people are excited to see an indepth zombie game that deserves some attention. I know I can’t wait to play!

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