Dark Souls Board Game Kickstarter Preview

Dark Souls

Dark Souls is one of the most hardcore PC projects in human history… And now you can play it as a board game! Steamforged Games Ltd made it possible for all the fans of this hardcore slasher. Let’s take a look at the features and game mechanics.

Dark Souls™ – The Board Game is a strategy game for 1-4 players in the Dark Souls setting, which will challenge you a lot of mind-blowing combats. Players have a lot of options of character classes to choose from. Moreover, they will have to explore dangerous locations with cruel monsters and legendary deadly bosses!

Dark Souls™ – The Board Game is not just another dungeon crawler because you will have to think over your next step while exploring the map and fighting with monsters and bosses. Combats in this game take very special place because you will need to understand the enemy’s behavior before taking any actions to defeat him, just like in the original game. Dark Souls™ – The Board Game provides the greatest experience that has the very essence of the original video games, just look at these monsters miniatures! They’re frightening as hell!
dark souls - board game

It is worth mentioning that as the Kickstarter campaign moves further the different add-ons will be available for purchasing. For now, Dark Souls™ – The Board Game gained £2,819,752 out of £50,000! It’s such an immersive sum! Feel free to support this project which has already become legendary.