Cryptic Explorers Kickstarter Preview

cryptic explorers

Mysteries and secrets of the underworld have always been something attractive to people. You can find a treasure or something that will reveal the secret of the past… Why not to take a little risk? “Cryptic Explorers” is the greatest choice for all the adventurers in the underworld!

In this game, players take the roles of Cryptonauts (those who explore the unknown). You are about to enter the Realms of Death to take over the occult knowledge and get back to Earth. As a Cryptonaut, you will need to customize and control your own team of units.
cryptic explorers tabletop game
But it’s not that easy, as you might think! Cryptonauts are in danger constantly! A Deity of Death player, who is an evil and powerful dark Goddess is seeking to eliminate all the Cryptonauts before they can get bacl with her Realm’s occult mystery.

“Cryptic Explorers” is a tabletop game where you can find all the depth of overlord-vs-heroes setting like Descent. It is also has the combination of squad-based tactics and unit customization (like in XCOM) with sci-fi and horror atmosphere.

That game has launched on kickstarter and it gained $12,943 out of $34,000 and there are 10 days left. It’s time to make a stand in the underworld and get rich! Have a nice day and stay tuned to!

CRYPTIC EXPLORERS - Tabletop Tactics in the Realms of Death! -- Kicktraq Mini