Croopo Kickstarter Preview


Nowadays, with the success of big hit games like Pokemon Go, you are starting hear more and more about augmented reality. That is the recent trend in technology to augment real life viewed through a mobile device’s camera or a special headset, with computer graphics and animation. One industry that is looking to capitalize on the potential of this technology is the traditional board game insdustry. Croopo, a colorfully fun and entertaining new trading card game – is one such example that looks to blend the real life fun of a strategy based card game, with augmented reality.

In the game play itself, you will need to defeat the opponent’s creatures in head-to-head battle by strategically selecting which Creature, Power-Up, and Terrain cards to play. Dice are used to decide the outcome of a battle, and players take turns rolling to determine how much damage is done for each attack. When you defeat a creature, you either flip over a face down Victory card or put a previously flipped Victory card into your Battle Cage – where it gets added to the lineup available for you to use. When you collect all the Victory cards you win!

croopo - cards
Speaking of creatures, Croopo includes 27 beautifully illustrated Creature cards that all have have their own unique strengths and weaknesses. Strategy comes in to play by figuring out when to use a creature so that it matches up best against the opponent. Each creature has a “class” and a “habitat” that factors into which card to select. Some creatures are stronger when fighting against an opponent of a specific class, for example. Terrain and Power-Up cards make up the remainder of your deck, and can also be used to affect the outcome of a battle.

Croopo incorporates augmented reality through a “companion” app that the developers are making. Using the app, you can look at the cards with your iOS or Android device and get full details about each card. You can also bring creatures to life as fully animated characters that are superimposed right on top of the cards. You can zoom in and pull back, and view a creature from any angle just by moving your phone around the card. This will provide a new and entertaining experience for players that are used to collecting and playing traditional trading card games.
croopo - gameplay
Croopo is currently available through Kickstarter, and will ship to backers in November. It has already raised $1,920 of its $1,000 goal, but we think it deserves in more support! So, if fun trading card games are for you, or you are excited about the incredible new world of augmented reality – then you should definitely checkout and back Croopo. We think it will be a big hit!
Croopo: The Trading Card Game -- Kicktraq Mini