Solution for every Board Game Fan – The Con Carrier Bag

con carrier bag

Hello, fellas! Today we are not going to announce the game project itself, but something even bigger. Do you like board game cons? Of course, you do! You can make good friends there or find a lot of cool games but sometimes there is a problem with carrying your gaming stuff there. So, here’s The Con Carrier Bag by Everything Epic!

The Con Carrier was developed specially for Gen Con 2016. There were a lot of games offered by Everything Epic and they decided to create custom designed bag for Gen Con. So, now fans can carry everything they want! Fans really liked our board game bag, so they could carry a lot of stuff from Everything Epic and a lot of other projects.

Why would you use this bag instead of yours? Well, first of all, it has a cool design! Moreover, it is possible to carry around 100lbs inside and all of your games can be flatted on the bottom of the bag. And even more, it’s easy to fold it!

There are a lot options for color and design options for your bag. So, you can express yourself with this bag and make a good impression on the Gen Con!

By the way, The Con Carrier is on the kickstarter now and it’s already pledged with a good sum of $4,714 out of $1,950.  Purchase it now, because it won’t be available at any retail stores and also, it’s only 10$ for a bag! Isn’t it the best solution for carrying your games? Of course, it is!
The Con Carrier Bag - The Convention Game-Carrying Solution! -- Kicktraq Mini