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Many people dislike their city officials for heavy taxation, improper policies, and insufficient public utilities. If you were one of these officials, you would certainly rearrange the entire system to make it work properly. Do you think so? With CitiesUP board game, you will have your chance to prove this!

In this game, 2-4 players are investors, the most powerful figures of the city. Build as many buildings as you can. Supply them with water, electricity and services better than the other players and collect your taxes and bonuses. Find your harmony between commercial, industrial, and residential buildings in your city. Oak building cubes will visualize your city growing in height and width, and you will actually see as your buildings grow. The gameplay is rather simple. You should make 3 easy actions (like building, supplying or shutting down buildings) or less in your turn.

The game is expandable with new playing opportunities and better simulation.

The designs are ready. Hundreds of test plays are done. The estimated shipping date is July 2016. This game will be different from other city building games.

If you share the excite of the game designers about this game, feel free to support them in the Cities UP Kickstarter campaign.

Projeсt was funded successful

CitiesUp -- Kicktraq Mini

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