Chronicles Pre-Kickstarter Preview


How many games do you know where there is a possibility to play with miniatures on the terrain created by you? That sounds a little bit weird, but it’s real! Now we would like to present you an interesting project called “Chronicles” by “Happy Gorilla Game Studios”!

“Chronicles” provides an opportunity to start a battle in fantasy setting on a table-top, for example on a kitchen table, using the miniatures. To start a battle, of course, you will need to learn the rules from the PDF-manual which is downloadable from the official site.

chronicles table

You can move these miniatures on the terrain you have created, to perform different actions like casting spells, eliminating the enemy models, accomplishing scenarios and etc. There are at least two players needed to start a battle. You will command your army by turns depicted in the PDF-manual. A player who uses all the potential of his army considered as the best Commander and he wins!

chronicles rulebook

Besides all of that, “Chronicles” has a wonderful designed setting and characters that are perfectly fit for the storyline and they are familiar to you! “Chronicles” is about to be launched on kickstarter in 2017 and we are waiting for that game so much. We will keep you informed about the project, so let’s be patient.

Sincerely yours, BoardGameKing