Captains of the Golden Age Kickstarter Preview

Captains of the Golden Age

What is so special about this project? Developers claim that this is a 100% skill game without any luck element and that it has a lot of fun and replayability! Let’s take a closer look at it.
Niek and Aron came up with the idea of creating game with 0% luck when they were in university. They tested it with a lot of people – their friends, family, old people, young people, men, women and etc. Now they sure that their mission is completed!
Captains of the Golden Age - Board Game
As for the gameplay, it’s The Golden Age of Piracy and Trading setting. We find ourselves in a fictional ‘East-Indies’ where pepper is worth much more than gold! Four rival captains are trying to take control over the Mighty Trading Company. You will sail around the world in search of cargo to upgrade your wonderful ship. Purchase sails to travel far and wide, never forget to expand your cargo-hold ability to carry more cargo, upgrade your cannons and destroy other ships or board other them using your crew to obtain their cargo! It doesn’t matter where you go and whatever you choose – the captain who has the pepper controls the Mighty Trading Company!
This game gained €14,314 out of €20,000 of their goal. The Kickstarter campaign will be available for 22 days and guys need your help! Support them on kickstarter right now and don’t forget to spread the word about this! Yo-ho-ho and the bottle of rum!
Captains of the Golden Age -- Kicktraq Mini