«Burger Up» Kickstarter Preview

Burger Up!

Have you had a good lunch today? If yes, let’s start the description of a new board game called Burger Up!

Burger Up is the tastiest and the most appetizing board game ever. Maybe, you have played a lot of deck building games. So, have you ever played a hamburger building game? Each card represents two different ingredients as you can rotate it. The cards include yummy things like cheddar cheese, beef patties, red onions. You start and finish each burger with a crunchy bun.

As a professional cook, you should look ahead and choose carefully. After you placed a burger component, you can’t move it anymore. And surely you can just do any burger that you want to. You should fulfil orders of your clients. They all are gourmets. Orders like Hawaiian Sunrise, no onions, extra bacon are normal for them. It will not be easy to earn your money represented by coins and gain stars for your restaurant.

If you like both board games and burgers as the game designers do, this funny and straightforward board game should add up your collection. Join the Kickstarter campaign for Burger Up.

BURGER UP – Building Burgers of Epic Proportions 2~4 Players -- Kicktraq Mini