Build-A-Burger Kickstarter Preview


Such a great day to make some burgers and have a good party with your friends! Can you feel the smell of roast beef? Yummy! But what do we need to make a tasty burger?  Today, we are going to look at the burger building board game called “Build-A-Burger”.

“Build-A-Burger” gives you a chance to be creative in crafting your own burger, but stay focused and watch for your opponents actions. Moreover, there are cockroaches everywhere! Keep them away from your precious burgers, but holding it into your hands can ensure your safety for a while. Once the cockroach card is played, another one must be added into the deck.

As you can see, “Build-A-Burger” requires good card management because your decisions can be destructive or positive for you. Try to use all your cards wisely and thoroughly! Remember, the winner is a player who has the most points and who managed to build a cool and tasty burger.

To sum it all up, that game can gather all your friends and family together easily. “Build-A-Burger” provides a lot of fun and exciting game experience and for sure it makes your mouth waters!

The game now is online on kickstarter and they already gained $2,667 out of $11,000 of their goal. Hurry up and help and support that project, there is no much time left, guys! Feel free to comment and back up!
Build-A-Burger - The Card Game -- Kicktraq Mini