Beerpocalypse Kickstarter Preview


In the year of 2136, the morality of people has declined after the apocalypse. Scientifically Created Undead Mutants who left after the last war (also known as S.C.U.M.) share the Earth with human beings. Alcohol is their source of power. Neither food nor water is safe anymore. However, after the apocalypse has come, people invented a new strain of yeast to remove radioactive particles from water in the process of fermentation. Do you know what does it mean? Either drink beer or die! Who would anyone prefer to be in the tough post-apocalypse reality? Of course, a barkeeper. Being a barkeeper is a key to prosperity and power over people. There is one barkeeper crazy enough to offer up his bar to any person who can beat him in the battle of S.C.U.M. The way the mutants will act in a battle depends on the beer to fuel them. The arsenal of every player will include a spill-resistant mat with four plastic glasses for his beers. The mechanical discs underneath each glass will change their numbers according to the amount and sort of beer that you drink. It will take in account the ABV of your beers! If you don’t’the believe it, just use this link to join the Kickstarter campaign of the Beerpocalypse!

Beerpocalypse™ - A tabletop game that is powered by beer! -- Kicktraq Mini

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