«Beardsmith» Kickstarter Preview

Beardsmith Board Game

Do you think that a dwarf can either mine or chop his enemies with an enormous ax? Then you should learn more about the dwarves and their crafts from the Beardsmith board game. Every dwarf likes his beard almost like gold. That is why one of the most respectable professions for a dwarf is a stylist of beards. But the way to acquire the professional skills goes through hardship to the stars. Many apprentices contest to deserve the respect of the master and become a next Beardsmith. You and your fellow players should make a stylish beard for a customer. But every other player will try to spoil the beard you are making. Shears and bubble gum are the best weapons to stop someone from making a good beard.

Printable versions of the game itself and the rulebook are available for free. It takes 5 or fewer minutes to learn the rules. Afterward, you will have a lot of fun playing Beardsmith. You start with a starting tile depicting the face of a customer and add the beard pieces to it just like the puzzle. The hair should abut to the hair. The game is simple to understand and very funny to play.

Hurry up to participate in the Kickstarter campaign until the 30th of August! Be in time to make your donation and be rewarded with different options of the game.

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