The Bead Game Kickstarter Preview

bead game

Have you ever dreamed to be a board game developer? To create a game anyone would like to play? You might say that it’s difficult, but believe me… It’s a piece of cake with “The Bead Game” by Adepts Creative Industries!

Firstly, to create a board game you will need a lot of components, which “The Bead Game” provides such as different game boards, dice and all that stuff. But it’s not the only thing to mention! “The Bead Game” has a specially developed web app to craft a lot of variations of board games from traditional ones like “checkers” or “tic-tac-toe” to “Peralikatuma” or “Hyena”. Yes, looks like the hi-tech is in board games too, but it’s cool! The variants of board games you can play are almost infinite. You are limited only by your imagination! Moreover, the game board layouts are hugely modular and you can use them to create a 19*19 layout to play as many games as you possibly can.

Well, it looks a bit complicated from the first glance, but special Game Canvas tool will help you to do this. You just need to use your smartphone or computer and the whole process will be simplified! It’s worth mentioning that each game board is made of high-quality plastic which will bring a lot of positive game experience to you and your friends and family.
bead game for buisiness
To sum it up, we have the unique project which uses the individual approach for everyone and there’s only your imagination and creativity need to be used. “The Bead Game” has already gained £4,852 out of their goal of £9,369 and it’s just a few days of the kickstarter campaign! To learn more or back this project up, please follow this link. Stay tuned to and have a good time with board games!

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