Battle for Sularia Kickstarter Preview

Battle for Sularia Board Game

Battle for Sularia: The Battle Begins is a new board game for people who like science fiction. It is an awesome board game with familiar game mechanics allowing you to start playing at once. It has a lot of innovations, easy to understand and play. Two or more players can play this game. They control two battle factions fighting against each other in the ill-fated world, once peaceful and calm. The unique system of two interdependent resources (influence and solarium) is used.

The entire game takes about 20 minutes in average. It is round-based. Every player takes his turn in each round.

There are two confrontational factions in the game. Four copies of twenty-one unique cards represent a faction. There are also twelve mercenary cards. You will play this board game as a Battle Commander. Develop resources and try to defeat your opponent strategically. It takes the total elimination of his battle forces. But you should be careful. Your opponent has a lot of possibilities to strike back and win.

Tactic Cards represent strong one-time effects to change the superiority within one round. However, so named Condition Cards remain effective until the end of the game. There are also Combatant Cards representing the armies and Site Cards representing buildings and objects protected by Battle Commanders. You may distribute these cards between rear and front zones. Your enemies can’t attack the rear zone if there is a Site Card in front of it.

During the game, each player can use the influence of his faction to “build” Site Cards to deploy combatants and gather resources. Combatants can attack and defend sites. A Battle Commander can only be attacked directly if his faction has no more sites. However, the combatants can still protect their commander.

Do you want to start the Battle for Sularia and win? Just go to Kickstarter page here and make your donation. The developers need your help. The Kickstarter campaign in on until July 29.

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