BaaaR Fight Kickstarter Preview

baaar fight

TGIF! It’s time to make some old fashioned drunk bar fight in 300 Spartans style! Why not? You’ve been waiting for it so long! But there is a safe way to do it with a board game with the same impressions of the natural fight. This is “Baaar Fight”!

This is a card game for 4-8 players with a unique and special mechanics. You will have two game modes along with three variations. It is available to play different modes and variations. They will depend on the players’ number and the type of game they like to play.

The “Strategy” mode is the best choice for bluffers, deceivers and bullies. The “Random” one is for more usual situations. A team player can choose a role of “Bar Protector” to help you out in the game team, Solo kind of player can be “Drunk Slayer” who can defeat all his opponents easily! The most interesting one is “Betrayal” which suits for thoughtful players who like to find the mole among the playmates.baaar fight - card game

“BaaaR Fight” provides a completely different game experience. Why? All of the players will be interacted in the game process for sure without getting bored! There will be a chance for everyone to bluff or pretend to make their opponents to attack other players as long as they on the hook.

There is not much time left for this project on kickstarter but it has already $3,257 out of the goal which is $45,000. Let’s have a great time with such a funny and interacting card game!
BaaaR Fight! - SIX combination in ONE game -- Kicktraq Mini