«Attack! Deluxe» Kickstarter Preview

Attack! Deluxe

Attack! Deluxe by Eagle-Gryphon Games is a new expansion to a famous Attack board game. More than 100,000 people have bought the Attack. Now, you can participate in a Kickstarter campaign of its upgraded descendant called Attack! Deluxe. Not only the game design but also the mechanics was improved. In addition to army battles, there are navy battles with a few ship types available. Each type acts in its own way. For instance, submarines can immediately attack vessels in the docks while carriers can carry aircraft across sea-lanes and use them for an additional attack in the sea battles.

There are four parties in the game: Democracy, Communism, Fascism, and Monarchy. Although the game includes some historical references and reminds the events of the Second World War, it does not even pretend to be historical. The initial balance does not show a real arrangement of forces and superiorities taking place in any year of the war. It is just the ideal balance where you and your opponents have equal chances to win the game. All the nations involved in the game strive to take over the entire world. You can use any sort of means to do so. You can annex territories diplomatically, take them by a brutal force of weaponry or deprive your opponents of their resources until their last soldiers die. The end justifies the means!

Project was succesfuly funded

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