Anachrony Kickstarter Preview


The time gates will be opened soon connecting us with our past and future and will forever change the course of the history.
Anachrony is the tabletop epic strategy where grim world is separated between four antagonistic clans. There is an opportunity to move between a different Eras. You also can use Time Rifts to get back to back to earlier Era. Player takes the role of one of four charismatic leaders who are aspiring to well-being and prosperity of their people. Besides the basic duties, leaders are preparing to the event that is going to change the course of the game. When the time is come, a huge asteroid will fall to the Earth. It can destroy the last independent city of the Earth – World Capital, but each clan can contribute to the Capital rescue. In the end, one of the leaders will lead humanity to the brighter future.
anachrony - board game
It’s worth mentioning that apart the rulebook and several texts Anachrony is completely language-independent game. The game also has immersive storylines and multiplicity add-ons. Plaything has already exceeded the fund-raising plan has gained $262,870. (Initially, goal was only $40, 000). Feel free to support the project via Kickstarter, just click on the website link!
Anachrony -- Kicktraq Mini