“Alchemical Crystal Quest” Kickstarter Preview

Alchemical Crystal Quest Board Game

Here’s another one cooperative board game for you but it has a fantasy background!

It’s a one to four player game and you play as an apprentice of wizard. Evil sorcerer Darkthony is obsessed with seven Crystals of Power and he gathers the army to get these crystals. During the game you will face a lot of Darkthony’s creatures and then you will have to save your teacher – Blue Hat.

The game consists of ten missions. You must complete them to finish the campaign.

These are a lot of actions you can execute!

On the terrain tiles you can find special squares with pools of water and mucus.

Alchemical Crystal Quest is the result of over a year of hard working process. Illustrating, modeling, writing and etc… but now this game needs your help to make this game real. You will have a great time with your family and friends!


This Project was created for US EU. It won’t be necessary to have any additional shipping or customs fees.

If you want to support this project in kickstarter campaign just follow this link! Let’s do it!

Alchemical Crystal Quest -- Kicktraq Mini