2GM Tactics Wargame and Expansions Kickstarter Preview

Hello, BoardGameKing subscribers and readers! It’s been a long time and now it’s time to present you one of the most massive wargame projects of the last couple of months. It’s 2GM (Guerra Mundial in Spanish or World War in English) Tactics Wargame by the Spanish studio called Draco Ideas!

2GM Tactics Wargame is based on the confrontation of German and Axis armies against Allied forces in WW2. 1-4 players available for this game and also it has solo mode, though the solo rules are still in design. Playing time can be from 30 to 120 minutes which depends from the game scenario and victory points to gain in the game process.

The significant feature of the game is that a player has to make up his own army deck before starting the fight. Players choose cards depending on the scenario and other player’s tactics.
2gm - board game
The game goals can be different – from eliminating the enemy’s HQ to refugees rescue operation. These goals depend from the scenario and current battles.

What is the most interesting for us are the cards with tanks, artillery and infantry. They are all original and fully correspond with the real ones.

Moreover, there are a lot of expansion sets dedicated to the most significant conflicts of the WW2 like “Eastern Front” or “North Africa”. Also, the wealthiest backers will unlock even more locations or armor for their base game!

All the rules are available for downloading on the project’s frontpage. There are English and Spain variants for downloading. To tell more about the rules, you can have the solo-version online too if you like to play alone!

History should not be forgotten and such games like 2GM Tactics Wargame help war heroes not to disappear from our memory and we should remember their struggle for their countries and lives. It’s time to support this game on kickstarter right now! Though this game already has $54,468 out of $25, 000 you can still support it on kickstarter for sure. Hurry up, it’s only 12 days remaining!
2GM Tactics Wargame and Expansions -- Kicktraq Mini